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Re: DMCA Takedown Notice on Empty RAR File

DMCA Takedown Notice on Empty RAR File

Maajid N.
New member | Level 1

Hi there,

I was testing a third party app using the Dropbox API and I noticed that an empty RAR file created using WinRAR would not download through the third party app, but it would download from the Dropbox web client directly. So I dug around a bit and noticed that the server response was 461-DMCA takedown notice from Malwarebytes.

I'm assuming this is a bug with your automatic detection. The expected behaviour is that the file should simply be downloaded through the API normally.

To recap:

  1. Create an empty WinRAR archive in Windows using the right click menu in Windows Explorer
  2. Upload this file to Dropbox
  3. Attempt to download this file through the Dropbox API
  4. You will see here that the received HTTP response is an error with code 461-DMCA takedown notice
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Dropbox Staff

Thanks for the report! This is fixed now.

Richard P.
Super User alumni

Old test file, perhaps? 😉

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