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Dropbox API Integration

Dropbox API Integration

Explorer | Level 4

I am integrating the DropBox API calls into a web application.

I see the following warning during application startup :

WARNING [com.dropbox.core.http.StandardHttpRequestor] (default task-50) Certificate pinning disabled for HTTPS connections. This is likely because your JRE does not return objects for https network connections. Be aware your app may be prone to man-in-the-middle attacks without proper SSL certificate validation. If you are using Google App Engine, please configure DbxRequestConfig to use GoogleAppEngineRequestor.

How to get rid of this warning ?

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Re: Dropbox API Integration


Are you running on Google App Engine? If so, you should use GoogleAppEngineRequestor as documented here.

Otherwise, you can consider switching to a JRE that does return objects for HTTPS network connections, as that would enable the SDK to implement better security for your Dropbox API calls.

If not though, this is just a logged warning, so it shouldn't interfere with the operation of your app.

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