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Dropbox Java SDK update to 3.0.3

JeffW New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


We have received an email asking us to update our app to the latest version of the SDK within the next two months.  This is because some return types from some endpoints may fail to deserialize correctly, raising a runtime exception.


I have a couple of questions:


1. You mention that return types may fail to deserialize correctly.  Do you know return types and which endpoints will fail to deserialize?

2. Is there a migration document to move from SDK 2.1.2 to SDK 3.0.3?

3. Based on this email all applications need to move to SDK 3.0.3 and anything lower than SDK 3.0.3 have the potential of having a deserialization issue and you are forcing all users of the SDK to move to SDK 3.0.3.


Thank you,



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Re: Dropbox Java SDK update to 3.0.3


1. The issue that was fixed is actually a general deserialization issue that can affect any endpoint in the future as the API evolves, so I unfortunately can't guarantee exactly what will be impacted over time.


2. You can find information on what breaking changes, if any, you'll need to account for in your app in the release log here:


3. Any Java SDK version lower than 3.0.3 will be at risk of running in to this issue in the future, but we are not disabling API access for Java SDKs lower than 3.0.3.

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