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Error 409 while filesExports


Error 409 while filesExports

New member | Level 2

Good day all,


I'm having a 409 error 'Confict' while doing a filesExport for a dropbox paper document, this is the JSON of the file:


  • selectable: "<input type="checkbox">",
  • .tag: "file",
  • client_modified: "2020-09-07T14:47:16Z",
  • content_hash: "a442ccb1c8ab02ffbe9b00df159b366d43709d76744da10f0727970de1e5276c",
  • export_info: {
    • export_as: "html"
  • id: "id:2gFhHeHgptgAAAAAAAAADg",
  • is_downloadable: "",
  • name: "_ Introducción a Dropbox Paper.paper",
  • path_display: "/_ Introducción a Dropbox Paper.paper",
  • path_lower: "/_ introducción a dropbox paper.paper",
  • rev: "015aeba4b7bf23400000001ed9318a0",
  • server_modified: "2020-09-07T14:47:17Z",
  • size: "200",


And this is the JSON of the error:


  • error: "{"error_summary": "retry_error/.", "error": {".tag": "retry_error"}}",
  • response:  {
    • status: 409,
    • statusText: "Conflict",
    • ok: false,
    • bodyUsed: true,
    • size: 0,
    • timeout: 0,
    • _abort: false,
    • _bytes: 68,
  • status: 409,


Do you know how can I solve it?



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Re: Error 409 while filesExports


Thanks for the report! This looks like an issue on our side. We'll look into it, and I'll let you know when I have an update on this.

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