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Non-expiring direct links

Non-expiring direct links

New member | Level 2

I am looking for some help with orchestrating downloads from Dropbox to a local filesystem.  I have essentially built a file-transfer application which will allow our users to upload large files from Dropbox to our system. 


Up to this point I have been using the javascript Chooser successfully-- the users login to Dropbox, select their files, and the temporary "direct" links are sent server-side, where we download with something like wget (wget -q -O - <temporary link>) .  However, this method has the limitation of the 4-hour expiration.  In the case of especially large transfers, I would like to avoid this limitation as I do not want to limit the size of the files that my users can transfer.


Now, I know I can have the user approve my application, perform oauth2 flow to get the code/token, and then use the SDK to query a user's Dropbox server-side.  Presumably, that would give my application unlimited time to perform any downloads.  We have been using the SDK to upload files from our system to Dropbox, and that's been great.  HOWEVER, I like the javascript chooser and would rather not write my own "file browser" UI. 


If I have the oauth2 token AND the temporary link, is there a way I can "convert" that to a path which I can use which does not have the time constraint?  I'd love to be able to continue using the Chooser, and reverse-engineer the path in the user's Dropbox (to which I will have full access).  Is this remotely possible?   

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Dropbox Staff
There isn't a way to do that exactly. Instead though, you can use "preview" links, and then modify them for direct access:

That will give you a non-expiring link from which you can directly download the file content.

Things to be aware of however:
- these preview links don't expire but can still be revoked at any time by the user
- these preview links will be listed in the user's shared links on
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