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Re: Search Folder or File with SearchV2Async

Search Folder or File with SearchV2Async

New member | Level 2



I am trying to search for a specific folder in Dropbox using `Files.SearchV2Async` function in Dropbox sdk.

The search option is set to look for only the active files/folders, but with this option set `Files.SearchV2Async` returns even the deleted folder (the result for the deleted folder has IsDeleted flag as false, while I expected this to be true).

Am I missing anything here?


SearchOptions options = new SearchOptions(path,
    fileStatus: status.AsActive,
    filenameOnly: searchFiles);

var res = await _client.Files.SearchV2Async(query, options);

var matchesToConsider = res.Matches?.Where(x => !x.Metadata.AsMetadata.Value.IsDeleted);


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Dropbox Staff

To confirm, you're observing (1) that the search endpoint is returning a deleted folder when you specify active content only, and (2) that the returned search result also reporting that it is not deleted?


I'm not able to reproduce that behavior. A couple questions:

  • How are you sure that the deleted folder is actually deleted? Is it possible you have similarly named folders?  I would look to compare the result of files/get_metadata with the search result's metadata to ensure we have the same path / id / status.
  • Is it possible that you deleted the folder at almost the same time as the search?
  • Are you able to reproduce this outside of the SDK (like in our API explorer) or is it specific to the SDK?  If the later, which version are you on?
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