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temporary links

temporary links

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We have a customer that wants to share dropbox folders with his consumers. We would develop a webapplication with a login-module; a list with dropbox folders would be available for logged in consumers. How can we prevent that the consumers share the available dropboxlinks between eachother? Preferably with as little work for our customer as possible. So basically we would need to get a list of links that are temporary available for the logged in consumer. Thank you

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Re: temporary links


You can create custom shared links and adjust the settings and permissions of each to ensure access as well as enable temporary access. The create_shared_link_with_settings allows you to do all these things. You can set permissions with 'requested_visibility' and set this to public or team-member only, and temporary access with 'expires' passing in the timestamp of when you want the link to expire. 


Since this will be a public link from the customer to the consumer, it may be best to utilize temporary access and expiring the link after X amount of time. You could alternatively create a link with a password and share that password. However, consumers could still share that password.



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