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Apps and integrations to help educators

Apps and integrations to help educators

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Teaching is never an easy job. Whether you teach young kids, teenagers, mature students or a combination of all three, there is a LOT of organization that has to happen before the face to face (or screen to screen) teaching time you spend with your students. We have some apps and integrations that might help make that side of things easier, and we’ll leave the actual teaching to you! 



If you like to transcribe your lessons, you should try using Rev. Using the Rev extension in the Dropbox App Center, which will create 99% accurate Rev transcripts, captions, and subtitles directly from files within your Dropbox account. Now, if you’ve recorded a class once, you can save down a transcript of it for later use, and of course this benefits your students, whether it makes the class more accessible or if they just retain written content better. Keep an eye out for more information on this later. 

Feedback Studio: 


Feedback Studio, if you don’t know already, is a similarity-checking, feedback, and grading solution, and with this app your students can upload th§eir paper to Turnitin Feedback Studio directly from their Dropbox account. We’re not saying your students would ever intentionally plagiarize but with Feedback Studio you can make sure your feedback goes back to them efficiently. Time-saving feedback and grading tools help students to improve their writing, and we like the sound of that. 



Canvas can take a lot of the pain out of organizing your coursework, and now it’s even easier if you connect Canvas and Dropbox. By centralizing your course content with Dropbox, you can be sure your files are secure, and you can easily upload your lecture slides, videos, reading assignments, and more to a course in Canvas. And even better, your students can submit homework assignments from Dropbox to Canvas, too. Spend less time sorting out your files and more time actually teaching. We can’t ensure your students will submit the homework, but they can



You might have seen us talking about Adobe lately over here, but we can’t get enough of the integrations that make it easier than ever to share and edit files, perfect for a back and forth with students on creative files. With easy customization you can make sure each class can be sure they’re getting the right files for them. 



Moving from a physical whiteboard to a Trello board comes with a ton of benefits - number one being you can never lose your markers. Well, actually there are a lot more handy features to keep you and your students on the same page, or board. And when you integrate Trello with Dropbox, you can add a file to an existing Trello card, or even create a new card, directly from your Dropbox account. You can easily share or open Dropbox files from right inside a Trello card too, so you can know that your students have everything from you in one place. Learn more about it all here
These are just some of the tools we think you might enjoy using as an educator, but you are the experts, so tell us in the comments below what works for you and your students. We want to learn too! 
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Yes I'm is student

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It is always challenging and rewarding in teaching job.
If Dropbox give extra space, the jobs would be a bit easier and more practical to keep the work on air
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