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Get to know Dropbox Replay

Community Manager
You might have seen us mention Dropbox Replay before, but I don’t think we made it clear just how useful this new video editing tool is. So, here are some updates, some tried and true, some examples and some images to whet your whistle. 
Dropbox Replay makes it easy to consolidate comments, take action on feedback, and finalize your video and audio projects in one place. Here are some new updates to get you thinking about your own projects:
Ability to set password protection on Replay files
Right now, both view only, and view and comment shared links can be viewed by anyone with the shared link. Now you will be able to also have the option of adding password protection to your shared links. This means you can upgrade your security for certain files but ensures you can still share with the right people easily. Why not refresh on how to share links?
Image and Audio feedback on Replay
If you are a video editor, you might prefer to share images or audio for feedback  from your clients as pasrt of your creative process. 
Upload Subtitles/Captions: Replay is launching the ability to support adding subtitles to videos. This will help you to ensure your videos are accessible and inclusive upon delivery. We’ll update you on the details of that soon so keep your eyes peeled!
Those are the new features but of course, don’t forget you can already use Replay to:
  • Create a virtual viewing room: Let everyone watch and mark up the same video at the same time—with smooth, high definition video playback that stays in sync for all viewers.
  • Simplify video sharing: Send video and audio out for review with just a link—no more exporting compressed versions and cluttering your hard drive.
  • Get feedback from anyone: Browser-based reviews let anyone provide frame-accurate feedback and on-screen markups—no special software or Dropbox account needed.
  • Take action on feedback: Send revised versions out for review and respond to comments directly from editors including Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion, and WeVideo.
  • Keep versions under control: Track every version of your video project—including comments and markups for each—in one place.



So, let’s imagine you are working on a promo video, no matter what you’re into, gaming, your small business, a recipe - anything at all. 
Chances are, you will want some feedback before you push it live, so you upload your video and send a link to your friends, family or colleagues. They can come back in their own time with specific feedback, and see each other’s comments (or audio and image feedback now as well) too so it’s a collaborative effort. 
All of your feedback and updated versions can live in one place, and ensure you push the correct version live when you’re ready. You can even password protect this file to ensure no one sends on the wrong version, and add captions to your files too. Sounds like a good process to me - and trust me, I have definitely clicked send on the wrong file more than once! 
But you don’t just have to take my word for it, here is a quote from Rachel Jedwood, the Production Officer of the National Rugby League:
“We use Replay for our content that requires lots of feedback and iterations, like campaigns with our players and commercial marketing materials. With Replay, we can share our feedback in one place, keep all the conversations documented in the comment threads, and have everything we need for edits and final delivery.”
Still need some more convincing? Our own Super User, Lukeyo uses Replay to keep his documentary edits in line too. 
"Getting towards the end of a recent project, I needed some really specific feedback on very specific sections of the film, and Replay kept that all in one place. I really like ti when something works that simply. When you tick off the feedback in Replay, it‘s ’like ticking off a real life to-do list - when I go shopping and I’ve bought the milk and I never need to think about that again, so it’s finished.” 
I have to admit, I love the simplicity of that @lukeyo! Are you using Dropbox Replay yet? We want to know about it! Tell us in the comments below
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