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Back again with another edition of 'How we use Dropbox', so find out how Ross uses Dropbox to answer some new house questions here!

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Re: How I use Dropbox: Ross

How I use Dropbox: Ross

Community Manager
We’re back again with more stories of how Dropboxers use Dropbox and today we have Ross from the Product team, who recently bought a house, and how he uses Dropbox to keep that long process rolling. 
By Ross. Age 34 1/2 
Recently we bought our first house (yup, adulting hard!). Along with the opportunity to bury myself in a level of life-long debt not known to anyone outside of the US College educated world, we had the opportunity to decorate and furnish our new dwelling to a standard we like.

We used Dropbox throughout the Design phase:

Picking colors is tricky, using a shared folder changed my life, it allowed my wife to send me samples and for us to do side-by-side comparisons. It was a great way to ideate through possibilities.
Color samples.png


And for Furnishing the house:


I believe furnishing a house should be a relatively democratic process, so we went through a similar process of saving couches we liked, and vetoing the ones we hate, until eventually we have a top tier list of relaxation stations. Cut to me and my family in a montage of Simpsons couch gags.

And for the serious stuff:


I have always used the OCR scanner feature in the Dropbox mobile app, and I’ve religiously been backing up copies of my insurance policies and receipts, so that means I can rest easy that if anything goes missing in the move, I have all the info I need. I’m also partial to candles so fireproof documents are ideal for me, not that I plan on burning down my new house, but the peace of mind is great.
We love the idea of a collaborative paint and furniture catalogue and wish list, and of course, good document hygiene is always smart. Happy moving Ross, and good luck with the paint selection! 
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Re: How I use Dropbox: Ross

Drachea Rannak
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That is really amazing, Dropbox can be used in so many ways!

Re: How I use Dropbox: Ross

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Thanks for all the help, time patience, communication..
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