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Project management integrations to help keep your project rolling

Project management integrations to help keep your project rolling

Community Manager
Whatever your team does, makes or contributes to, effective project management keeps things rolling. From Architects to Zoologists, you need to be sure the A to Z is taken care of. Here are some tools that work seamlessly with Dropbox to help you organize, manage and optimize your projects. Have a tool or a tip you swear by? Add it in the comments below!



Zapier is an automation platform that takes the pain out of so many small things you do every day. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect Dropbox with the other apps you use most. You can save email attachments to Dropbox, backup content from your note-taking app, upload new Dropbox files to YouTube as videos and much more—no manual work or coding required.



If you have ever had expenses as part of a project, you know that you need to track the pennies from the get go and that’s simple with FreshBooks and Dropbox. Now you can simplify how you track your business expenses.
  • Receipts stored in Dropbox are instantly opened in the FreshBooks expense dashboard.
  • Your employees can now save receipts in Dropbox, so you'll always have a copy.
  • Easily add expense details such as date, vendor name, total amount and taxes, which are instantly saved in FreshBooks.


Forget being hunched over a table of invoices or digging through a suitcase weeks after a business trip looking for that receipt, now you can focus on your projects. 



Todoist, as you might have guessed from the name, is like a digital to-do list. Well, it’s more than that, it’s a web-based productivity app that helps users keep track of all their important tasks and projects. Using Todoist with Dropbox allows you to stay on top of your document workflows and provides a central location for teams to collaborate on Dropbox files, via Todoist tasks and comments.
  • Manage productivity workflows. Attach relevant Dropbox files to Todoist tasks to track your progress alongside other project tasks.
  • Instant file access. Instantly browse your Dropbox files to attach within a task. Add as many documents as you need to each task.
  • Collaborate effectively. Use Todoist with Dropbox to collaborate on tasks and actions, and discuss your files.
Taking the pain out of tasks, reminders and expenses means you can spend less time stressing and more time getting results. These are just a few apps and integrations that should work for almost any project. If project management isn’t your thing, we have shared some tips for creatives here, for educators here and we can’t wait to share more soon! 
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