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Time saver: Sharing files to slack

Time saver: Sharing files to slack

Community Manager
As an admin, you probably share a lot of files with your team. Here’s a tip on how to speed that up with the Dropbox and Slack integration. 
Check out the video below, and then head to the App Centre to get connected! 
What kind of tips would you like to see from the Dropbox team? 
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I'm just a newbie to Dropbox-Slack Integration, and trying to get up-to-speed quickly to save myself and my small team from "death-by-ReplyAll-emails-with-file-attachments-for-collaborative-editing"! 


This short video represents the tip of the iceberg relative to that goal.  I am currently engaged in a Q&A with @Jay on the subject. Here's a link to that conversation: 


I don't want to "cross streams" with that conversation, but here is a related question:

  • With my Dropbox account already linked to my Slack Workspace, I created a new [private] channel in the Workspace. However, that newly created channel does not appear in the Slack channel list when sharing a file from Dropbox to Slack. In other words, I only see the channels that existed at the time I initially linked my Dropbox and Slack accounts.
  • How do I resolve this?
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