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What’s included in my Dropbox plan? Professional edition

What’s included in my Dropbox plan? Professional edition

Community Manager
We often talk about some of the great features of Dropbox (and there are lots), but it’s worth noting that different plans have different features. You might have seen us talking about Dropbox Basic here, and Dropbox Plus, but if you’re looking to impress a client, the Professional plan has what you need. As an individual plan, it offers a lot more for you and your business needs. From first draft to final deliverable, you can manage your time, your tools, and all your projects more efficiently.

Dropbox Professional plan highlights: 

Secure your life’s work - Add digital watermarks, passwords, or expiration dates to any work you share. Undo file edits or deletions for 180 days. You can remotely wipe your entire Dropbox account off of a lost device. Dropbox Professional makes it easy to safeguard your IP and disaster-proof your data. You get enterprise-grade file encryption and a suite of security tools for your work.
Show off all your great work - Easily deliver large files with Dropbox Transfer. Request content directly from any client. Sign contracts in seconds. And get credit for the hard work by adding your branding to shared links.
Always deliver your best - Send large project files in a few clicks. And add custom branding to your shared links and download pages. You can sign NDAs and contracts in Dropbox, too.
Instantly boost your productivity - Store PDFs next to Google Docs or any other file type. Now all your project content lives in one place. And it’s automatically available from any linked device.
Priority chat support - Dropbox Professional customers have access to priority chat support. This means that we can you can get help when you need it (during normal business hours).
Full text search
Full-text search allows you to search beyond the names of your files. It scans file names, extensions, and file contents, as well as Paper docs, to help you find what you’re looking for. Full-text search isn't case sensitive, and it includes personalized spell correction on your search queries.
And if that isn’t enough, here are all of the other features you can look forward to: 
  • Storage - 3 TB (3,000 GB)
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption - learn more about that here
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Dropbox Passwords and Dropbox Vault - check it out here
  • Dropbox Paper - here are some of the best Paper features 
  • HelloSign eSignatures - Send up to 3 documents for eSignature per month
  • File locking
  • Integrated cloud content
  • Branded sharing
  • Traffic and insights
  • Web previews and comments
  • Smart Sync
  • Viewer history - see if someone you shared a file with is currently viewing it, or when they last viewed it
Head over here if you want to switch to the Professional plan now. 
Do you use Dropbox for sharing files with clients? Tell us about it in the comments below. 
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Re: What’s included in my Dropbox plan? Professional edition

Explorer | Level 4

Hi! Is this plan available also for private users who doesn't have VAT number and are looking for something more? Italian IVA is included in the annual fee?


Thanks in advance!

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