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Dropbox Paper features to make your day easier

Community Manager
Community Manager
Much like it’s physical counterpart, Dropbox Paper can be used for almost anything but there are some things it is particularly useful for;
  • Planning projects - get all your thoughts and ideas down, refine and share with other. 
  • Attributions - this makes sure everyone’s work can be credited and questions can go to the right person.
  • To-do lists with due dates - incredibly useful, with satisfying check boxes. 1.png
  • Edits - When working with others you can co-edit in real time, comment and add notes without removing any content
  • Timelines with project milestones - keep everyone on track with integrated due dates and milestones. You can even integrate these with calendar updates. 2.png
  • Link to other Paper docs - with a simple link that looks like + document name, you can avoid confusing links out, and keep everything organized and clear. Type + at any time to create new docs on the fly. Already made the related docs? Type +, then search for the title of an existing doc to link to it.
  • Share video files - can automatically embed video content from YouTube and Vimeo. Just copy the URL, paste the link into Paper, press play, and watch it right inside of your Paper doc.3.png
    • Include music files - Paper lets you link to songs from Spotify directly within a doc. It’s a great way for video production teams to suggest tracks for their clips, and for teams to add notes right next to the embedded clips.4.png
      My personal favourite, is how easy it is to work with images and video in Dropbox, adding is simple, moving is simple and you can even paste screenshots in directly. Gone are the days where moving an image in a word doc would ruin hours of work! 
      Planning, meeting, monitoring or reporting are all easy as pie with Paper. Whether you have used Dropbox Paper in the past or not, chances are there are tips and tricks that will make your life easier. 
      Have a question about about Dropbox Paper? You can find answers or ask our Community questions right here. slightly smiling face 
Do you know how to organize your files and folders?
<b>We have created a guide on folder best practice, so you can get organized now <a href=""><u>check it out here</u></a>.</b>

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