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Why Dropbox?

Why Dropbox?

New member | Level 2



Convince me why I should continue to use Dropbox instead of Google Drive, since I get much more on Google Drive for the same money.

I´m using Dropbox pro where I keep everything important in my life and have the app on my computer using "local" and "only online"





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Dropbox Staff

Hi @trumstock,, welcome to our Community! 


The option of Dropbox versus Google Drive is always up to you. The beautiful thing is that you get to decide and choose what fits you. 


On our end, we have a lot of very useful features that I can name, and you can definitely see more about each one of them here. That'll help you see what each plan offers, and maybe go for a lower-pricing plan, if that works for you. However, you're always free to compare companies, choose what suits you and your needs and go from there. 


Keep in mind that Dropbox counts approximately 700 million registered users who trust us. If you need to read what some of them have said, you can do this here.


If you have any specific questions about Dropbox, any of our features and how it works, I'm always here to let you know more. 


Enjoy the rest of your week ahead!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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