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Preservation requests

Preservation requests

Explorer | Level 3
I have a general question regarding preservation requests by international police authorities (Europe) for a frozen user account due to a violation of user guidelines.
On the website I was going through the transparency data ( and two questions came up for me.
1. If I got it right there is an MLAT or other processes for international cooperation needed to get more information about or what is inside the requested user account. Dropbox gives the requesting authority 90 days to hand in the above mentioned requests. What is happening with the data after said 90 days? Is the account completely deleted afterwards and is it still possible to get more information after these 90 days?
2. On the website there is data regarding requests for information. In approximately 95% of the cases where a requests was issued dropbox provided police with all available content data (for example, 01/2021 until 06/2021: 1360 requests total, 1205 times police was provided with data)
My question here is, does anybody know from which country these requests were issued? Were they all coming from the U.S.? In the section listing international requests it is mentioned that only 4 times data was given to police in European countries (4 times Ireland)
Does that mean that the majority of cases in which police received data took place in the U.S.?

Thanks in advance and best regards 🙂
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Dropbox Staff
Hi @Horst3, thanks for messaging the Community.

In order to assist you further, I'd recommend contacting for the appropriate team to respond to your query.

They'll be able to assist from there on.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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