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How to allow users download their file from their Dropbox account to my website?

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Hi there,
I am new in Dropbox API so please forgive me for my stupid questions.
Currently, I develop a website where subscribers (candidates) supposed to have a possibility to upload their CV file from their Dropbox account during application.
What API should I have to have it working?
Dropbox offers me to ask for access to one folder of the user's Dropbox account or to the whole account but I do not need it at all.
All I need is to allow users to upload one file.
Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Re: How to allow users download their file from their Dropbox account to my website?


If you just need to request a single file from the user when they're on your site, I recommend using the Dropbox Chooser.

That's also the easiest option to implement. It's a pre-built component that lets your your app prompt the user to select specific file(s) from their account to give to your app. The app would only get access to the particular file(s) chosen by the user and nothing else. 

To get started with that, you should register a "Dropbox API" app (with either the "App folder" or "Full Dropbox" permission; the Chooser doesn't actually use the app permission itself).

If you use the "direct" link option, the Chooser will return a URL for the file to your app for the file data, so you can download the file from the URL to your server.

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