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Run API on internal server with http instead of https

Explorer | Level 3

Dear all,

I developed a webbased django app locally which works perfectly fine. No I'm stuggling to run the app on the internal server. The Redirect URIs returns:' Non-local OAuth 2 redirect URIs may not start with "http:" or "javascript:"' But the internal server is not jet capable of handling https. Is it possible to run the OAuth2 on the internal server with http or do I need to change the internal server settings? If it is possible what is the correct approach to get this done.

Kind regards,

Siard Kuipers  

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Re: Run API on internal server with http instead of https


As a matter of security, Dropbox only allows "localhost" redirect URIs to use http://, and there isn't a setting to disable or workaround this. So, the only options would be:

  • use a "localhost" server for your http:// redirect URI for development/testing
  • use the "code" flow ("response_type=code") but omit the redirect URI entirely, so that the user has to copy/paste the authorization code manually
  • switch to https://
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