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Community Badges - what are they and how to earn them

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Many of you have probably received a notification here saying that you've earned a new badge - but you may not know what are they and how can you earn them.



Badges are a form of appreciation for your participation in our community. While some are quickly earned as soon as you sign in, others are only earned if other members of the community appreciate your contributions by giving you a Like, Best Answer or accepting your solution.


You can see the badges you've earned on your profile page, by clicking on your avatar image on the top right of the page > my profile.


Below is a list of our current community badges and how to earn them:


First Sign In

Earned when you sign in for the first time.

 First Post Started.png
First Like Received
Earned when someone likes one of your replies. 
 First Kudo Received.png
Return Visit
Earned on your second visit signed in.
 Return Visit.png

First Post

Earned when you initiate a post for the first time.

 Sign Up.png
Accepted Answer received
Earned when one of your answers get accepted as a solution.
The Mighty Answer
Well, you can read all about it.
Beta Tester
You are a beta tester and have been actively sharing feedback. Thank you for that.
Bug Bounty
You found a bug and you earned it.
Tag Tag Tag
Earned for using tags when posting.
Conversation Starter
Earned when you initiate a conversation 5 times.
 Conversation Starter.png

Kudos for that

Earned when you receive 10 likes.

 Kudos For That.png
Earned when you receive 25 likes.
Truly Appreciated
Earned when you receive 50 likes.
 Truly Appreciated.png
Appreciated by 100s
Earned when you receive 100 likes.

First Like Given

Earned when you give someone a like for their reply.

 First Kudo Given.png


Earned when 10 of your answers get accepted as a solution.

First Reply
Earned on your first reply posted.
 First Reply.png
Earned on your 5th contribution. 
Earned on your 25th contribution. 
Earned on your 50th contribution.
Super User
Earned annually for being a Super User on that given year.
 29a super user 2019.png

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Community Badges - what are they and how to earn them
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