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Dropbox makes Windows Explorer VERY Slow

Dropbox makes Windows Explorer VERY Slow

Explorer | Level 3

This issue is similar but DIFFERENT to an earlier thread 'Dropbox makes Windows Explorer Slow'.


The issue seems to be that with every change made to a file in Windows Explorer (e.g. just moving it) the Dropbox status for every single folder and file on the system node is updated including re-displaying the icon in Windows Explorer and these are each  then refreshed around 10 times for a single change which takes a long time / lots of CPU. The issue is exacerbated with the number of Windows Explorer windows open (I normally require around 8 to be open simultaneously), but it's bad enough with just one.


I tried pausing Dropbox sync but that just caused Dropbox and Windows Explorer to use all the CPU indefinitely until I restart it. So the only solution is to QUIT Dropbox, and run it just at the end of the day.


I completely re-installed EVERYTHING from scratch on a brand NEW laptop, and then re-linked to Dropbox, and it made no difference. The laptop is a Dell Latitude 7420 and I'm running Windows 10 ( constantly updated). Dropbox is the latest version having being re-installed.


Dropbox support have no idea what is going on (their words) after having a specialist with remote access look at it, and it's been 'escalated' to the Advanced Support team who "don't have access to an outbound phone line to call and provide a screen sharing session", so have now offered the same tests from their script that we already went through 6 months ago. Obviously this is frustrating!


Please can anyone help? I've already tried almost everything and am hoping someone has had the same issue and managed to resolve it.


Many thanks!

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Re: Dropbox makes Windows Explorer VERY Slow

Dropbox Staff

Hi @Dave1000000, let's see what we can find together on this! 


You mentioned you've contacted our Support team, correct? Can you let me know the ticket number from your communication with them? 


Keep me posted! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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