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Two Accounts - App Support Needed

Two Accounts - App Support Needed

New member | Level 2

I have had a dropbox account for 10 years. I have the app on my PC so that when I open up a document and click "save as", my dropbox comes up as a "my computer" results and I save right to it, like a c drive.


I now have a new dropbox account for a separate business.  It was set up using the dropbox website, but I cannot get it on the app like my other account. I am not interested in saving to my hard drive and then having to upload the document to the website under this new account, so that my team can access it - that is double work.


I want this new account to also be a shortcut via the dropbox app on my PC, so that when I, for example, create a word doc and click "save as" I have the options of both dropbox accounts to choose from.

These are two separate businesses with different shared parties so I do not want them to be merged in a way that folks that are sharing from one organization, can see the files from the other organization.


This is a complicated problem to me - why can't I phone someone or even live chat? The bot is useless.  I need a real person's help because I am not great with tech.


Has anyone done this before and might help me?

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Dropbox Staff

Hey there @mcrrcoffice, sorry to hear you're having issues with this.


This option is available to Dropbox for Business users - is one of your accounts on a Dropbox for Business teams account/plan?


If so, you can follow the steps outlined here to connect them and have them both sync on your computer. Note that linking accounts doesn’t share or transfer information between the two accounts. 


As for your support options, you can have a look here for more information.


I hope this helps!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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