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How can I use Dropbox without paying for a subscription?

How can I use Dropbox without paying for a subscription?

New member | Level 2

It seems Drop Box now is all about subscriptions. Something that used to be free is no longer free. Like drug dealers they get you hooked for free then start charging you... also It has never been clear as to where Drop Box lives? Is it on my computer, someone's server somewhere else? And if I share something or someone shares something with me whose is it, where is it and how is it measured for storage impact in whose account?  If I delete a shared item does it delete it for them as well or only in my account? I find the cloud to be something that is undefined and something to be manipulated by others and not controlled by me. It is a third party player hidden like the Wizard of OZ.  


Drop Box used to be helpful by sending large files that could not be sent easily by email, just an exchange or transfer of information, and then became useful to share this with more than one person at a time. But then it seemed to morph into a storage file system, rather than the exchange system I first thought it was and how I first began using it. 


This is My complaint about Drop Box.... what is it really?

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @clk5, thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.


We appreciate your feedback here about Dropbox.


Generally, you don't need to have a subscription to use Dropbox. And you can always add some free bonus space, if you need some.


Regarding sharing, it really depends on which method you choose to share your files.


When it comes to shared folders, the person who creates the folder is considered the owner.


If you're invited to a shared folder with edit permissions, the folder gets added to your account, so it takes up space in your account as well, even though someone else created it.


And if you delete a file from a shared folder, it will get deleted for all members, but if you delete the folder altogether, it will only get deleted for you.


I hope this helps, but let me know if you still have any questions.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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