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Pete, an IT Consultant, shares his tips for new Dropbox users

Community Manager
Community Manager


Meet Pete, an IT Consultant and advanced Dropbox user. Take a look at Pete’s tips for those of you who are new to Dropbox…
What brought me to Dropbox
I was seeking a secure and collaborative, cloud based solution that was reliable and fast. I needed a way to always have my files available on any computer or device that I was working on and also needed to make sure that my files were safe and always up to date. 
Tips for new Dropbox users
  • I like to use Dropbox for business and personal Dropbox, both available on the desktop platform. This allows for a better flow and separation for business and personal matters. I also appreciate the admin console for better understanding the big picture from a dashboard environment.
  • Keep in mind API limits, file system limits, and the fact that data bloat is creating more difficulty with laptop hard drive (local) and cloud syncing. Smart syncing has assisted in this process, however, be sure to brush up on what you need versus what you think you need.
  • Consider directory structure and organization up front. Like any file system, the more objective and clear the structure, the easier it is to work with, especially when problems occur.
  • Consider long term data growth trends. I recommend putting together archival strategies and user license forecasting into the 6 month, 12 month, and 36-48 month future.


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Pete about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

Do you know how to organize your files and folders?
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