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API Access token not workin

New member | Level 2

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a C# console App that gets into a DropBox account and list all the content shared links into a CSV file.

i've tryed the application on my dropbox personnal account using the token i generated on the API console and it's working just fine. But when i changed the token that was generated from another account (Professional) i don't get access and got the cancellation token exception.

is there a way for me to get it to work with the other account?

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Re: API Access token not workin


You should be able to use the API to connect to different accounts by using different access tokens. I'll be happy to help with any issues you're having with the Dropbox API, but I'll need some more information. Please reply with:

  • the name and version number of the platform and SDK/library you are using, if any
  • the exact steps to reproduce the issue, including relevant code snippet(s) (but please don't post any actual access tokens themselves)
  • the full text of any error or unexpected output
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