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Dropbox API Integration in a web application

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Dear Support team,

We would like to integrate Dropbox API into our web application. The usage scenario is this :

We maintain a designated Dropbox Account in which folders will be created for our (service) users interested in using Dropbox Integration feature.
Users upload files to this account and these will be picked up for further automatic processing by our web application.

Now we have a couple of queries regarding Dropbox API Usage and Business Plans :

Scenario 1) If we use a Dropbox Basic Account to create and share folders in the allocated FREE 2 GB space to our users, what will be the Limit / Costs for Dropbox API calls used to monitor and receive files uploaded to this Account ?
As per the information available in URL Basic Account is FREE, but regarding API usage for data transfers using
Basic Account, no information is provided.

Scenario 2) If we use any of the Business Account Plans and do not use additional licenses or any of the Business EndPoints (Teams or Groups or Team Members), will we be charged for additional users ?
We use Dropbox Java SDK to invoke API calls, so we are concerned as to how the API calls for Business Accounts are kept track ? How can we regularly monitor the number of calls ?
Is there a API Usage History available ?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Dropbox API Integration in a web application


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