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Re: Can't download file using files_download_to_file

Can't download file using files_download_to_file

New member | Level 2

This is really starting to be a pain.

I can't seem to get the correct directory of my file. I'm trying to download a file from my DB using the files_download_to_file() function.


I'm trying to run

dbx.files_download_to_file("F:/Programming/Visual Studio/Programming/Python/dbdltest/Database.xlsx""/Stock_List/Database.xlsx")


I simply get back: DownloadError('path', LookupError('not_found', None)))


What is the actual issue here? I've tried using files_list_folder("") and files_list_folder("/Stock_List") too, to no avail.


When i use files_list_folder("") I get nothing, but when i print(files_list_folder(")) i get a load of garbage jargon.


Surely there is something simple im missing here and it isn't this finnicky to just simply download a file on to my local drive...

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Dropbox Staff

This is the Python SDK, correct?


calling print(dbx.files_list_folder("")) will show the full ListFolderResult object. 


To iterate over the results and print just the path, you'll want something like this:


res = dbx.files_list_folder("")
    for entry in res.entries:


That will return valid paths that you can use with the files_download_to_file call.

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