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Create Shared Link (HTTP + C#)

Create Shared Link (HTTP + C#)

New member | Level 2

Hi everybody!

I'm using the HTTP Api v2 and C#

I am trying to:

  1. Create a folder 
  2. Copy a file inside the folder
  3. Generate a shared link with settings for the folder
  4. Download the content of the folder using WebClient

The folder is created, the files are copied inside the folder correctly but the link generated is pointing to what seems to be another folder with the same name ( ? ) without any content so I end up downloading an empty .zip. If i copy and paste the shared link that i generate with the API in my browser's address bar I can see an empty folder. If I access my dropbox and reach said folder and manually share it via dropbox Web UI, I get a link which is different and shows the files that I have uploaded. 


I am a bit puzzled by this. I'm guessing it has to do with permissions of some sort?


Thanks in advance,


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Dropbox Staff
Hi Chris, is your app registered for the "app folder" permission? If so, note that everything the app can access and operate on will be inside the /Apps/<app folder name> folder inside your Dropbox.

So, for example, if the app acts on /<subfolder name>, that will actually be at /Apps/<app folder>/<subfolder name> when you browse your account on

If that doesn't seem to be the issue, please share some code/output so we can offer more insight.
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