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Get tree of all member directories

Get tree of all member directories

Explorer | Level 3

Hi, I'm using dropbox api v2 in order to make some integration between dropbox and my own Java application, I have a dropbox business account and my intention is to be able to represent in my application all the directories of all its members for the user Admin , that is, the possibility for the admin user to see all the directories of all the members en my application.

For this I have tried to iterate for each member of the team, using the following method.

team (). membersList (). getMembers ()

This last method allows me to iterate between each of the members that make up a team. Then I get your files with the following method.

client.files (). listFolder ("")

This works well for me since I can represent the folders and files of all the members, however I have problems with the shared folders, I understand that the way to obtain them is using ...

client.sharing (). listFolders ()

However this last option gives me problems, which I have not yet been able to capture correctly in my application but according to what I have read it is because to access these shared folders I need the "type of access" of my application key to be "Full Dropbox".

My question is what is the best way to obtain all the directories of each member included yours shared folders? The only way to access shared folders is with an App of the Dropbox type Api and type acces "Full Dropbox"?

Thanks for your help.

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Dropbox Staff

It sounds like you're referring to the note in the DbxUserSharingRequests.listFolders documentation that says:

"Apps must have full Dropbox access to use this endpoint."

That is true, but only in the scope of user-apps (i.e., for the "Dropbox API"). Team-apps (i.e., for the "Dropbox Business API") have a different set of permissions.

You can also DbxUserSharingRequests.listFolders[Continue] with an app with the "team member file access" permission, via the "member file access" feature.

You don't necessarilly need to call DbxUserSharingRequests.listFolders[Continue] to get the shared folders though. If you're only interested in shared folders currently mounted in the member accounts, those will be included in the responses from DbxUserFilesRequests.listFolder[Continue].

I also posted an answer in a thread here to a similar question that may be helpful.

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