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direct download link - mobile phone

direct download link - mobile phone

New member | Level 2

hi, i am using the api to upload movies with MP4 extantion.
and using DIRECT download links (DL=1) to download them.
when i download the links in a desktop computer, it saves the file with the orginal filename and the MP4 extantion.

but when i am using the link with a mobile phone (i tried several phone android) it saves the filename as "file" with no extantion. the phone cant read it bcz it extantion is missing.i have to  rename the file  on the phone and only then, the movie will play.
how can i fix this? where is the prob? on the android phone or in the download link?

thank you.


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Re: direct download link - mobile phone

When returning files via shared links with the dl=1 parameter, the Dropbox web servers issue a redirect to a URL that does end in 'file', with the actual file name included in the 'content-disposition' response header. I just tried this and confirmed it is working as expected.

Clients should automatically follow that redirect and get the filename from the 'content-disposition' header. It sounds like your mobile client is unfortunately not doing so. We don't control your client's behavior though, so I'm afraid I can't offer help on that side.
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