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We recently received a question asking for advice on how to set up a Dropbox account for an elderly family member. This prompted us to think about the different ways we can make Dropbox more accessible in general, learn about it and add your tips right over here.

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--header "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

--header "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

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I got a token by creating a dummy app,

then cut-and-paste in the header, and it

works fine (eg. /2/files/upload etc.)


my question is: how can one get the token

without creating that dummy app? -- since

I could do the upload etc. before, manually

thru the website...





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Re: --header "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"


You can't upload to the Dropbox API without using an API app.


In order to upload to Dropbox via the Dropbox API, you need a Dropbox API access token, and you can only get an access token via an API app.


Note though that if the app is going to be distributed to end users, they don't need to register their own API apps. They can get an access token for your app on their account using the OAuth flow.


If you only need this app to upload to your own account, you can just continue using the app you registered and the token you retrieved.

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