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python upload big file example (speed/resume)

python upload big file example (speed/resume)

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As the original thread is locked ( I'd like to add two questions related to uploading large files:

- The upload speed is being limited around 6Mbps (800Kb/s), even using a connection with 150Mbps for upload. Is there some limitation on Dropbox API for this speed? (I'm out USA, but usually I can obtain much faster transfers from many servers to/from USA)

- Is it possible to save the current status of the upload session, and then, even in a different connection (after restarting the app, restarting the computer, or any longer interruption), resume from where we interrupted, and Dropbox recognize as a continuation of the same file?

Thanks and regards!

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Re: python upload big file example (speed/resume)


- No, the Dropbox API itself doesn't limit the speed like this, but there are a number of different factors that will affect the speed you see. For instance, your connection speed to Dropbox depends on the routing you get between your ISP and our servers, and may be slower than your ISP's rated speeds.

Sometimes resetting or retrying your connection gets you a different route and better speeds, but that is outside of our control. Some ISPs also throttle sustained connections so if you see an initial high connection speed followed by lower speeds, that could be the reason.

- Yes, when using "upload sessions" you can temporarily stop uploading and resume again later, even from a different network connection. Each upload session is identified by its own "session ID" and can be used for 48 hours.

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