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Re: Beta Build 143.3.4090

Beta Build 143.3.4090

Dropbox Staff
Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


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Tim T.13
Collaborator | Level 9

Hopefully we get some info from Dropbox whether the ~/Dropbox folder itself will ever return on macOS (for M1 Macs.) I believe this is indeed possible, but understood they are still in beta.


The more pressing issue seems to be that the option to pick which folders are stored locally is now gone completely. Nowhere to configure this in the preferences. I keep a lot of files local because (1) I have plenty of drive space, and (2) have scripts and other developer software in the Dropbox that need to be available.


The "Make available offline" menu item in Finder doesn't seem to work all that effectively. Most of my folders still show the little cloud download icon days later, although some report as local, so not sure what is going on.


Again, just a beta, so understood it isn't perfect yet. But curious what is still coming vs. what is forever lost.

TJ Luoma
Collaborator | Level 9

Dropbox will probably not return to ~/Dropbox/ just like iCloud documents are not in ~/iCloud/ but hidden away. You could make a link, I suppose. If you look at Google Drive, it has moved to the "Cloud Folder" too.


Also, Selective Sync isn't working because Dropbox waiting too long to implement the APIs that Apple has been telling developers to use for a LONG LONG TIME now.


Given that Dropbox took ~18 months to roll out Apple Silicon-native software, it's no surprise they are behind in other areas, but this seems like no one's fault but Dropbox -- who have done nothing to deserve the "benefit of the doubt" when it comes to macOS.

Helpful | Level 6

The big difference between iCloud and Dropbox is that iCloud has never had a ~/iCloud/ directory, but Dropbox has always had ~/Dropbox/. I can't speak to Google Drive because I've been a Dropbox user for almost 13 years.

Explorer | Level 4

This isn't just a Dropbox problem.  OneDrive has same issue.  I think Microsoft said that they have eliminated that option due to how Apple wants the APIs implemented since they deprecated the kernel kexts being used by both Dropbox and OneDrive to implement that option.

Helpful | Level 6

Does this build fix the 1073741795 error code on windows?

Helpful | Level 6

I have been using the Beta on my M1 Mac Mini (16gb Unified Memory/1tb SSD) and I have not experienced any of these issues. Dropbox has worked normal through finder (I don't use the app to access or manage files). Right clicking brings up all the dropbox options, my dropbox folder works fine, I can store files offline or online just fine and everything syncs well. I have had Zero issues with the apple silicon beta so far on my end. 

Explorer | Level 3

It didn't for me.  I still have the same issue.  Support closed my ticket with no resolution because they needed to know the name of my computer?  By my research, I see a lot of people with intel Z390 chipsets that have this issue.  The chipset is not that old - but I am frustrated to no end.  I have paid for dropbox for over a decade, and I have a colleague that is plagued with issues on their macbook as well.  I need this to work on my main home computer or I will have to jump ship.  This has been going on WAY too long.

Super User II

@kodemonkey - Dropbox, sadly, are horrific at just closing tickets 😞 

All I can suggest is (from experience) is open another which references the first one asking why it was closed and what is happening. 


But then again if @clientreleases happened to care about users and say what fixes were in place people could possibly self diagnose and use other builds 

Explorer | Level 3

I was actually able to get an older build to install, but it won't let me use it.  I receive the "update your version of dropbox" and it won't launch.  Everything worked properly until DB forced me to upgrade my version.  It works on similar hardware on the same network running different versions of windows.  We have 9 devices that run dropbox at home and only the machine that needs it the most has been unusable for work for a month now.  I have to use my laptop or the web version of DB and it's a major headache.  I did go back and answer the cancelled ticket and it looks like it accepted the response.  Why the windows machine name is important to them to diagnose feels like a stalling tactic. If they have a list of all the machines and are trying to identify which one is the problem, I have a pro-tip for support; "THE ONE DEVICE THAT IS NOT WORKING IS THE ONE THAT HAS BEEN DORMANT FOR OVER A MONTH".

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