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Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

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Allow a personal account to have more than 3 TB

Allow a personal account to have more than 3 TB

Lisa Douglas
Helpful | Level 5



I'm a graphic designer with over 15 years of workload. This obviously equates to extreme files sizes. I was disappointed to learn Dropbox don't offer a package for single users over 3TB. I work solely and require more cloud space and don't want to have to upgrade to a 'per user' plan as this isn't cost effective. This option has to become available soon.



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Community Manager

The Dropbox team is currently reviewing this idea. We will share any updates with you.


Thank you for your insights so far.

Status changed to: Investigating
Matheus S.6
Explorer | Level 4

Another person here subscribing to another service on top of Dropbox because I'm topped out already at 3tb. Would prefer a lot to pay the extra that I'm using to Dropbox and not have to deal with the hassle of having two cloud providers.

Fusion Photography
New member | Level 2

Individual plan options with more storage (10TB) or even unlimited storage

New member | Level 2
I have had Dropbox for years. I have always used the advanced plan with unlimited storage because I need the unlimited storage aspects of the plan. But I do not need the 3+ users, since my business is a sole proprietor photographer. But as I said I do need the unlimited storage, due to the fact that the photographic files I creat are very large. And with the photography equipment improving and creating higher resolution files, these files will only continuity grow in size.
To help promote growth for Dropbox, I highly suggest they offer an unlimited storage plan for a single user for up to two users at a higher premium, such as $35-$40 per month. This plan should definitely offer aspects of the current Advanced Plan, such as the SmartSync.
With a plan like this available to more single users, Dropbox can capitalize on the higher premium rates, making a larger profit for the company.
This will eliminate the discrimination toward single users who need unlimited storage that Dropbox currently does not offer for this type of clientele.
Explorer | Level 4

Hi. I believe Dropbox should provide more flexibility for its plans, especially regarding the amount of space available to its users. I have the "Plus" Plan (2 Tb) and I need a lot of space (at least 5 Tb) but I'm self-employed and I'm not interested in all co-working options... I'm willing to pay for the space only... but there is no rate plan! Adequate space on dropbox only exists for teams and co-workers… what a strange and inadequate thing!

Helpful | Level 6

I don't see any reason to have a limit on how much storage a person should be able to purchase for their account as long as we are willing to pay for it. Right now the only way to get more than 4TB of storage on a professional account is to start upgrading to multi-seat business plans. I do NOT want to do that. I would prefer to add as many $5.99/1TB upgrades as I desire. Right now the limit is only 1x upgrade of 1TB allowed. This makes no sense to me.

New member | Level 2

For independent contractors and single business owners you should have larger storage amount options available. I am currently shopping for an unlimited storage plan for 1 user, but you do not carry that, nor anything over 3T for individuals. I think you should offer atleast up to 20T for individuals. Hope it becomes available soon. Thank you for listening.

New member | Level 2

I agree with all the participants in this discussion: the big problem is that on personal plans the maximum amount of space is limited to 3 TB. If I use Dropbox to back up a device that has a 2TB drive, then 3TB becomes very small. Support previously wrote that I can purchase an additional 1 TB to the Professional plan to get a total of 4 TB, but I do not see such an option.

New member | Level 2

Please include storage plans available for professional individuals who need the space but do not have a team of 3 members. There are so many creatives and artists who require the storage space of more than 2 TB and you do not have any plan for them


Explorer | Level 3

Strongly support this idea! It would make me an even more loyal Dropbox User.

Explorer | Level 3

Hi, this is my last try before leaving Dropbox after 10+ years. 

I'm a photographer and filmmaker and I use Dropbox for literally everything. 

But now I can't upgrade my plan anymore as an individual. I was told that if I need more space I must go for a Team/Business plan and pay for at least 2 or 3 licenses. 
But I'm not a team. I don't need any tools but more space. And I'm not going to pay for 3 licenses only to have it. 
I've already signed for another cloud service but I'm really sad. And it seems so unprofessional. Camera files are getting bigger, computers are getting better. Seems like Dropbox are not caring about freelancers anymore.

Details of what I've been paying so far:


Dropbox Professional

€199.00 per year. Everything in Plus, shared link controls, and 3 TB of storage. See plan details

Change plan

Storage Space

€59.88 per year. 1 TB of storage space.




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