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Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

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Offline mode for Dropbox Paper web?

Offline mode for Dropbox Paper web?

Helpful | Level 5

Will Dropbox Paper for web consider support offline mode for Dropbox Web just like google docs in the future?

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Dropbox Staff
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Explorer | Level 4

there were mobile and desktop apps.

Apple notes is ugly, too simple and featureless.

OneNote is a data hog, ugly as hell, takes hours to sync, has too many customisations and is ugly as hell.

Evernote just seems like a joke I don't get. I don't understand why people are paying for it . I mean, use OneNote if you want a cumbersome's free.

Paper could use some improvements that I'm sure are on the way but I would definitely be happy to switch all my notes over as is...if it wasn't only available in browser.

The UX is great. It's soooo purrty to look at. You have nailed the font, It's so nice and clean to type with. Oh and those tables...oh, oh, oh and them code blocks. mmmmmm *nerdgasm*

Give me apps please!

New member | Level 2

I use Evernote all day, every day and Paper seems like it would be a great (possibly better) alternative.  But I need a Mac version that can run offline (planes, client sites without internet access, etc.).

Jian Z.
Explorer | Level 3

We can start from here:


But, an officially supported cross-platform client would be nice.

New member | Level 2



I often end up with 6 or 7 tabs of Paper, and soon it's a whole browser window ... Wish it was just a separate app so I could CMD-TAB to switch between paper and other applications.

Helpful | Level 5

No - this is the wrong approach.


Please make Paper use document standards (eg, Markdown or a variant), and let *me* dictate the tools I use for it offline. Make Paper documents appear in my Dropbox folder tree, not force me to have to use another system, and generate exports to get to my data.


I do not want *another* desktop application locking me into *another* proprietary system. 


Do not reinvent Microsoft Word, Badly. 

Super User


Helpful | Level 6

Is there any news about a possible release date for an offline feature availbale on MAC and PC ?


I know Dropbox is working on that, recently there was a Paper service disruption and they send me an apology mail saying:


"... we’re pursuing methods to mitigate the impact of disruptions, including a potential offline reading and editing mode, similar to what is available in our iOS and Android apps today. "


I'm using Paper more and more but becoming frustrated as all my content is availbale only online. Sometime I'm on the go or without connection and I do need to access my documents or take notes.


Possibly all the Paper documents should feed the usual Dropbox repository so becoming donwloaded on my PC.





Dropbox Staff

Hey there @wmac - thanks for using Paper!

As we actively collect and track all feedback requests to inform ongoing development of Paper, I've gone ahead and put your request on our list.


If there's anything else I can help with in the meantime, please let me know. Thank you! 


PS: I'm moving your post to the "Share an Idea" section for Paper so other users can find it and upvote it too :wink:

Dropbox Staff
Hey Martin1024, thanks for posting this idea on our Dropbox Community! 
I’ve moved our post here Martin, as our Share an Idea section is monitored by our higher-level technicians for future feature implementation. Hopefully other users will upvote it & it will get some more attention. :pushpin:
At the moment, the Paper :iphone: apps for iOS and Android allows you to continue getting work done without an internet connection, though I’d happily pass your interest for this option to be made available for our website, too.
Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch at any time in case you have more questions or you’d like to open up a Paper discussion. Happy sharing & I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! 
Explorer | Level 3

Pretty please.

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