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Link To-Do dates with Timeline in Paper docs

Link To-Do dates with Timeline in Paper docs

New member | Level 2

Sorry if this question has been asked already. I just wonder if it is possible to sync to-do list (tasks with dates) in a timeline - that would be very useful. Every time you create a to-do list with date to have the same entry in your timeline. Otherwise you need to do this twice!?

Latest Update
Community Manager
Thanks for your idea! 
This is not something the team are considering right now.
However, we regularly re-evaluate ideas and will update you if anything changes! 
Status changed to: Not for right now
Explorer | Level 3

@chrisae01 wrote:

It would be awesome if to-do deadlines synced or were automatically added to the timeline. Maybe as a greyed out underlay or icon?

Helpful | Level 6
Sometimes projects have checkpoints where stakeholder approval is desired. Having capability of capturing approvals would be helpful. A variant of the To Do checkbox, where the text is not crossed through, would be great.
Explorer | Level 4

Maybe I'm missing something, but Timeline is quite useless if to-dos with a due date are not added automatically to it.

Otherwise, I wish the Paper team could have added the ability to drag the to-dos to a specific date on the timeline.

New member | Level 2

This sort of functionality already exists in other apps, such as which allows you to display tasks in a variety of formats (calendar, kanban, detail board). I like dropbox paper more than because it runs faster and feels more lightweight, but I suppose that comes at a cost. I would love to see a way to at least display my tasks in a timeline or calendar view though, even if it wasn't as fully featured as the timeline widget.

Helpful | Level 6

I like this idea, and was thinking about something similar.  We have set things up as a single document for every project and each project has a to do list. My wish would be a dropdown in a new to do item that would allow you to select the project and then the to do associated with the project.


To me, adding a to-do item to the calendar automatically means you are instantly going to work on it. How would Paper lnow what day and for how many days you'd be working on that to do? What if your team likes to plan ahead (I know, that's a dream of mine too!) and wants to set up a to-do list for a project next month just to do forecasting. I'd want to pick when I'll be working on particular projects/to-do list items.


I'd also love to assign the number of hours I'd be working on that to-do for each day like Float allows you to do.


This might be a bit different than what you are requesting so I think I'll also add this as a separate feature request.

New member | Level 2

I'm not a premium user but I'm working my way through Dropbox's features to see if it is a viable alternative to premium Evernote for my use case.


Am I right in saying that:


1. Tasks added as an item to a timeline are not reflected anywhere in the containing document

2. Tasks added to a document are not reflected in a timeline embedded in the same document

3. There has been no movement on this for ~3 years?


At first blush this seems like a really odd omission.


I can see that as you can attach multiple timelines to a document there is more to it than just automatically reflecting one to the other, but having to reach some sort of arbitrary threshold before a suggestion is even forwarded is putting me off Dropbox as an alternative.


I'm not claiming Evernote is any better in this respect, but "no worse than your current solution" isn't compelling.

Collaborator | Level 10

I love this idea. I think it would make the timeline much more versatile. Today, I use it to illustrate high level project phases, but never to go in further detail, precisely because of the fact that I the Tasks - at leas in my reality - are created as part of note-taking, and then I would have to add them again in the Timeline. 


I would really like to see this functionality. Thanks. 

New member | Level 2

Interestingly, if you drag a todo entry from the document body over the timeline, the timeline reacts as if it's a drop target - aha I thought, at least you can easily duplicate.


It isn't though: when you let go it just moves the todo item from it's original location to directly under the timeline.

Erin W
New member | Level 2

Please provide an option to sync the To Do list with the calendar, it would become so much more useable. Hate the thought of having to enter everything twice, that's where things get missed.

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