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Learn all about apps and Dropbox integrations to make working from home easy here!

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Apps and Dropbox integrations to make working from home easy

Apps and Dropbox integrations to make working from home easy

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If you’re one of the many people working from home, chances are you’re well settled in by now, but it always helps to check in and see if your way of working can be improved. Well, now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning on your processes to make sure you keep what you love, and toss what you don’t. Or at least, make sure everything has a purpose and a place in your day.

Your toolbox of apps for working from home: 


Whatever your line of work, it’s likely you need to keep in touch with your team, customers and clients regularly, and then get down to the actual work part of your workday as well, so here are some of the best third-party tools to help you do just that, all of which integrate with Dropbox.

Slack and Dropbox Integration:


It’s very likely you’re already using Slack, but did you know you can connect it to your Dropbox account and make things even smoother?
Dropbox Slack integrationDropbox Slack integration



  • Start a Slack conversation within Dropbox to discuss changes or updates to shared content.
  • Send files to individuals or Slack channels directly from Dropbox to easily share your work.
  • See what Dropbox content was shared to Slack from the Dropbox file activity to learn how your team is collaborating.
Learn more about connecting your accounts with the Dropbox and Slack integration here.

Email and Dropbox Integration:


Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, email is an integral part of every work day, and a major part of keeping in touch and sharing files, and it’s important to make sure that’s as easy as possible. You can connect your email and Dropbox with just a few clicks. When your accounts are connected, you can send large files easily, and save attachments to your emails directly from your Dropbox account. 

Google Calendar and Dropbox Integration:


Keeping track of your day can be a little harder at home. It’s easy to notice it’s time for a meeting when you see your teammates hopping up, so let Google Calendar remind you while you’re working from home. 
Connect Google Calendar to your Dropbox account to do more than 
  • Share a file to a contact.
  • View and join meetings from the Dropbox desktop app.
  • Attach a file to a meeting.
  • View and join shared meetings with a Dropbox Business team member

Zoom and Dropbox Integration:


If you need to get everyone on the same page, share feedback or just catch up, you can start a Zoom call from Dropbox via the integration and have easy access to your whole team and all your files, in one place. You can even record the meeting and save it to Dropbox so everyone is clear on what to do next, and anyone who couldn’t make the meeting is still in the loop. Don’t worry, the files and notes you shared will be in the activity feed, too. Learn more about the Dropbox Zoom integration here. 
Zoom integrationZoom integration


Zapier and Dropbox Integration:


The Zapier integration can automate processes, freeing you up to do the work you need to do. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect Dropbox with the other apps you use most. You can save email attachments to Dropbox, backup content from your note-taking app, upload new Dropbox files to YouTube as videos and much more—no manual work or coding required. Learn all about Zapier integrations with Dropbox here.
Zapier integrationZapier integration


Staying in touch and automating arduous tasks can really change how your day feels when working from home - forget being overwhelmed by tasks or feeling swamped. Now is the time to get ahead and stay on top of everything, with the help of these handy apps and Dropbox integrations. 
How do you get refocussed while working from home? Do you find any of these options keep you from getting distracted?
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