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Are you new to Dropbox? Our Newcomers group is the perfect place to learn the basics, find out more here.

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Dropbox updates to start your 2024 on the right foot

Dropbox updates to start your 2024 on the right foot

Community Manager
This has been a busy year for everyone, and as we gear up for a fresh start in 2024, I wanted to share some tips on how to kick off the new year on the right foot by using the full power of Dropbox. Whether you want to work on being more organized, your productivity or you want to use AI to make your life easier, we’ve got something for you. 
And, we want to know how you used Dropbox this year too, so we can share the right kind of tips and tricks with you! 

Getting started with Dropbox:

If you haven't jumped on the Dropbox train yet, now is the perfect time! Setting up an account is a breeze, and there are even more useful tools included in your plan, so you can get everything set up, signed in and ready to hit the ground running in 2024.
The new Essentials plan is really exciting, with 3TB of space, large file delivery up to 100 GB, 180 days to restore deleted files, PDF editing, video editing, unlimited signature requests and more. Of course, if you are interested in collaborating with other folks, you might need a team account, so check out the plans here. 
Once you’re set up with an account, you can watch a tutorial on getting set up over on our learn library. Also, we have shared a lot of tips and tricks, from how to use Paper, using Dropbox to do research, all the way up to Dropbox Dash. So, why not have a look around the Community and get involved?

Use AI to stay organized - let Dash do it for you

2024 is the year of using tools that make our lives easier, and Dash does just that! If you ask Dash a question, Dash will gather and summarize relevant info from your apps, files, and content to help find the answer. It’s not just for apps—search your entire desktop in seconds with Dash, including all those open browser tabs, your calendar, emails, and more. It works wherever your content lives, so you can search across every surface in a few clicks—from connected apps to emails, and much more.
Beyond just personal organization, Dropbox Dash interacts with the tools you use every day: Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Notion, and many more. Use one search bar to search every connected app at the same time, rather than splitting your effort or jumping from page to page.
When it comes to starting each day right, you can see your whole day at a glance really easily (I love this feature). Keep your work day in one central page with Dash, from what meetings to attend, what files you’ll need, and which projects to prioritize—all in one distinct tab.
Get started with Dash now so you’re ready for 2024. And if you want to know more about Dash, you can check out our AMA where Geoff Hulten answered Community questions about Dash, future plans and features, or join the Dash group right here on the Community. 

Collaboration made easy:

Chances are, you’re planning for next year. Whether you’re working, you’re in school, or you have personal projects lined up, and unless you’re a true jack of all trades, you will likely need to collaborate with other people. Well, we can make sure that’s smooth sailing. If you are working with a team, and want to collaborate in real time, Dropbox Paper is a great place to start, and to make that even easier, here are some Dropbox Paper tips, and here are just a few examples of Paper templates to kickstart your next project:
You and your team can keep everything you need in a single location, so you’re not spending time looking for files, all your energy can go into your project, and coming up with the next best thing. 

Dropbox for mobile:

Life doesn't always happen at your actual computer, right? But we almost always have our phones on us, and with the Dropbox mobile app, you can access your files on the go. Capture those spontaneous moments, review documents, and stay connected with your digital life, all from the palm of your hand. With the Dropbox mobile app you can do so much, including:
So, are you ready to step into 2024 with a new system to make your work smoother and your day clearer? And of course, these are just our ideas, we’d love to hear yours! Share your thoughts, tips, and success stories below. Here's to a fantastic and organized 2024! 🎉


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