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Let Dropbox AI do some of the jobs you don't want to do

Let Dropbox AI do some of the jobs you don't want to do

Community Manager
There are a few tasks that no one wants to do. Whether it’s doing the never-ending pile of dishes, and tackling the eternal struggle of folding laundry, the joy of scrubbing the oven or mowing the lawn under the scorching sun. 
Well, one task that no one wants to do is to trawl through files and documents looking for answers, especially when you don’t want to open all of those files. Find out how you can use Dropbox AI on file previews to help you to sort and search!

Quickly summarize content and get answers with Dropbox AI

File previews is on of the most popular functions, and now we are applying AI to file previews as part of a new offering called Dropbox AI. Let AI understand and summarize your documents, and serve you the right results when you search, all from the preview stage. Learn more about that here:
  • Quickly understand large documents or videos without parsing through the entire file. With the click of a button, you can summarize your content, like contracts and meeting recordings, into a concise explanation.
  • Get the information you need without the hassle of manually searching through large files. Simply ask a question and get a response within seconds.
And this is just the beginning of Dropbox AIsoon you’ll be able to use Dropbox AI on your folders or your entire Dropbox account. 
Dropbox AI for file previews is currently in alpha. As of today, it will be available in the U.S. to all Dropbox Pro customers and start rolling out to select Dropbox Teams to test. And don’t worry, the Dropbox AI feature is powered by OpenAI. When you use Dropbox AI to ask questions or summarise files, data from those files is shared with OpenAI. Dropbox only shares the files you use Dropbox AI with. Your files and the questions you ask won't be used to train OpenAI's language models. By using the feature, you're granting Dropbox permission to use this feature and OpenAI on your selected files.
Want to learn, discuss and share feedback on Dropbox AI with the team who are working on it? Join the Dropbox AI group here on the Community and get involved! We’d love to hear from you!


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Helpful | Level 6

Speak for yourself! I enjoy washing up dishes and scubbing the oven. I don't have a lawn but the grass verge in the street is each frontager's responsibilty to cut so i bought a lawnmower for the purpose; however, unlike neighbours I let the grass to grow tall during the start of the season to allow wild flowers and weeds to flourish .


A1, I read, is only as good as the quality of the data it is trained to replicate.  therefore, the test, as least as far as i am concerned, is whether the quality is at least at the same standard as mine.  An app I use regularly which is very good inn some respects  is lousy in others. 


As for Dropbox and A1, my experience today experimenting with Dropbox Back-up has left a load of problems that I didn't have before. Which means that not only do I now have to waste time on resolving them but also I am very wary of trialling anything else Dropbox has to offer before it has been fully tested on others. 



Explorer | Level 4

Hi - this feature is only available for me and not the rest of my team.  They are members on our Pro/Team account.  How do I get my other members to be able to experiment with this?  

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