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Update a shared DropBox file without losing its DropBox shared link

Explorer | Level 4

I run a website for an organization, leveraging DropBox (Windows 10) for a monthly news video source. There is a media team that updates the one video file (news.mp4) monthly, that has a shared link reference with its code embedded into a html-video tag on a website.

I have only found one way to maintain an existing link, when updating this news.mp4 filename for the website. Leveraging some tricks from Linux and AIX, wanted to see if they would work on Windows. It seems to work in Windows too.

DropBox\Video <-- This is on a Windows 10 platform

C:\DropBox\Video> dir

01/25/2020 01:32 PM (467,676,373) news20200125.mp4
01/04/2020 08:43 PM (237,487,207) news20200104.mp4
01/04/2020 08:50 PM (237,487,207) news.mp4

This assumes you have already created a shared-DropBox link, and have it's code already working with an existing website.  The steps below will show you what I've found that seems to work for Windows, when updating the news.mp4 with news20201025.mp4 in this example.

1. First truncate news.mp4

C:\Dropbox\video> echo |set /p=>news.mp4

2. Append the new video to the existing shared news.mp4

C:> type news20200125.mp4 >> news.mp4

Test the auto streaming video code.   The existing shared DropBox link used on the website in the video-tag should still be valid.

How to auto stream them within the html-video tag for the 'src=' parameter.

Change the //www.dropbox portion of the link to //dl.dropbox

<div style="text-align: center;">
<video autoplay="" controls="" disablepictureinpicture="" height="300" onended="videoEnded(this)" poster="https://some.url.toJPG" width="500">
<source src="" type="video/mp4" />
<script type="text/javascript">
function videoEnded(video) {

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