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What’s new: Unlimited Passwords and video updates

What’s new: Unlimited Passwords and video updates

Community Manager
We love to tell you the good news when there are new product features and updates, and here are some fun ones for you! Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below! 

Unlimited passwords for everyone

You have heard us talking about how useful Dropbox Passwords is, and the only thing better than than not having to think about your ever evolving password combos, is not having to worry about the ever growing list of them too. Now Dropbox Basic users can securely store and sync unlimited passwords and payment cards across three devices. Now you can autofill passwords, credit cards, and debit cards from your web browsers and mobile apps with Dropbox Passwords. You can even share passwords so you can give friends and family secure access, whether or not your streaming service wants you to… You can even add notes to your passwords, so if they ask for a date of birth you have that too. And any updates you make will sync with everyone so they never get locked out of shared accounts. Get started with Passwords now! 
When it comes to password security, you can leave the dark web monitoring to us with always-on monitoring, alerts, and notifications that tell you when to take action on password breaches. Respond quickly with easy-to-understand instructions from Dropbox. Keep your accounts secure with zero-knowledge encryptionensuring only you can access your login info—plus strength ratings and unique suggestions for your passwords.

Watch this: Enjoy enhanced video loading and playback

Buffering can be frustrating, we get it, so now when you’re working with video on, you’ll notice faster loading for videos and less buffering mid-stream. Plus, the preview duration limit has been increased, so you and recipients can see more of the videos without having to download entire files. You can also preview videos with larger file sizes, take advantage of fast forward and rewind controls, turn on closed captioning, and read transcriptions.  Plus, we’ve added transcription and closed captioning for video previews on
There are also some updates on the controls for skipping, repeating, and playback speed for video and audio. Plus, there are new scrubbing features to help you quickly locate a specific point in your files. Learn how to use our new video enhancements now. 
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Explorer | Level 4

The chart for size limits on video files that can preview is BLANK. What ARE the size limits for video files to preview (in particular .mov and .mp4)?

Dropbox Staff

Hi @darrellsalk, which chart are you referring to, and in which article?

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Explorer | Level 4
Jay —

Thanks for getting back to me. I am sorry I was not more clear in my question.

In the article by Amy [1] (Community Manager) that is referred to in the title of this question [2], there is a section called “Watch this: Enjoy enhanced video loading and playback.” She says, “You can also preview videos with larger file sizes…”

I followed the only link provided for more information <Learn how to use our new video enhancements> [3] which took me to “How to play video and audio files in Dropbox.” The link there for <Video and audio playback FAQs> [4] has a link to <Learn about supported file types that can preview in Dropbox> [5]. In the section describing “File types that preview as a video,” it says that for the preview to work, the “file must be smaller than the size limit listed in the chart.”

The chart shows different file types, but nothing about size limits:

.3gp .m2t .mpg .vob
.3gpp .m4v .mts .webm
.3gpp2 .mkv .mxf† .wmv
.asf .mov .ogv
.avi .mp4 .rm
.dv. .mpeg .ts

Thus my original question: What are the size limits for video files to preview?

— Darrell

(BTW, there is nothing in the first information link that is provided in the article [3] about any of the other “new video enhancements” that are described: fast forward and rewind controls, closed captioning, read transcription, new scrubbing features, etc..)

[1] <


[3] <>


[5] <>.

Community Manager

Hi @darrellsalk 


Thanks for pointing out that this information was not available in the Help Center. We are looking into updating it to reflect the current status of our products.


The limit on file size for video previews was increased from 50 GB to the current size of 100 GB.




Explorer | Level 4
Thanks, Ben!
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