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Request to delete Notifications from the Dropbox desktop application.

New member | Level 2

How do I delete the notification that someone sent me/shared a file from the desktop program?

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alejandrissimo New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I spent several minutes finding out how to delete past notifications, but I admit it was pretty easy actually. You just click on the upper right corner for every notification and select "delete". I can't remember if this could be done in previous versions. I just wish I didn't delete them all so that I could post a screenshot.

Helpful | Level 5

alejandrissimo, thanks for the prompt reply.

I did not notice the "...", which only appears when you scroll over a notification. I realize that that indicator is sometimes used to indicate "look here for more info", but for whatever reason it didn't "catch my eye". I think an "X" would be better indicator, preferably in red so it stands out — I definitely would have noticed that. Again, better human factors engineering.

However, your answer is not the answer I was searching for. Why? Because it seems that the notification is not DELETED, just removed from view. Here is the box that pops up when you click on the "..." in the upper right corner:

[I tried 2 different ways (choosing and dragging) to include the screenshot, but only got the message "An Unexpected Error has occurred." — another unhelpful user interface issue.]

Anyway, the box gives 4 options, and the only one with any relevance to my desire is "I want to hide it". Sorry, but I want to DELETE it. So it seems obvious that Dropbox wants, for some reason, to NOT delete notifications, but merely hide them. If this is the case, Dropbox should explain the rationale for keeping them, and also ensure that it is not violating privacy laws that may require that users be able to actually delete any data that pertains to them.

Finally, I don't understand why the response you provided was not given by others long ago ... unless it is a very recent development, albeit not the one that I really want (that is, delete).

Thanks again.


Super User II
Super User II

@lawman74 wrote:

Finally, I don't understand why the response you provided was not given by others long ago ...

Because the option didn't exist long ago.

Helpful | Level 5

OK, it's relatively new, as I indicated might be the case. However, that raises more questions, including the following:

1 - If the user's choice is one other than "I want to hide it", is the notification actually deleted, or just hidden?

2 - If a notification is hidden, can the user unhide it, and if so, how?

3 - What is the rationale for not just deleting a notification without asking the user for a reason?

I'm not trying to be a pest — just interested in privacy issues and users' control of "their" data (though I realize that notifications may not belong to the users who receive them).

I am thankful for the prompt attention that I have received regarding my inquiries — it's impressive, and increases my already good opinion of Dropbox.


Caralien New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I guess many of us have teh same problem, but as there is a nanser we might not send this to you, I think that zililins of users are annoyed by not mbeing able to delete notifications, change the settings does not make the onse already there vanish ...

Helpful | Level 6

I have a ton of notifications that no longer link to any folder or files. I would like to remove all of them at once without going through them one by one. Too time consuming.

Nancy M.40
Helpful | Level 5

Uhh, excuse me but this is not solved. There is still no way to clean up the hundreds of notifications that are so old they are completely irrelevant to anyone.

What you're saying is that Dropbox is not interested in listening to what their users need. Very disappointing. From where I sit this is a serious design flaw (not listening and not providing a simple feature that end users need).

Good thing Mark - Super User II pointed out that there are so many better solutions than Dropbox - even ones that have already figured out how simple it is to write the code for a bulk delete operation. And they treat their paying customers like they give a @#%.  Wow, he even gave the link to delete my (fully paid) account. Such a generous and open response to an end user. Makes me want to renew for another year right now!

The fact is that software apps are supposed to do the boring and tedious tasks for us. Not make customers do boring and tedious tasks.

Trinity C.1
Collaborator | Level 9

It sounds to me as though the 'notifications' were originally a 'transaction log', and that would explain why they cannot be removed, only hidden.

GPet New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I think it's totally unreasonable that DropBox still hasn't done anything about letting us delete old notifications.  

I agree I think it's time to move on after my subscription runs out.

Hey @GPet, apologies for the slight delay in getting back in touch with you on my end. Please bear in mind that you should be able to dismiss Notifications on the “Notifications” field once you click on the Dropbox icon on your system tray. Just click on the ❌ next to the file in question or right-click on the file & you’ll also be given the option to remove. 
Hopefully this answers your question; wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!
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