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Need more plans smaller than 1 TB

Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply
Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$...
updated by: Marco L.2 Sunday
101 299

Need in-app search feature for text files on mobile

The ability to edit a plain text file in the Dropbox app on iPhone or iPad is a ...
updated by: jkoppelm Thursday
1 1

Is there a function to send an email to all members of my dropbox?

I want to send email alerts to members of the dropbox when I am cleaning/rearran...
updated by: mindat Thursday
8 13

Enable or disable the camera uploads feature in roaming

Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply
Hello,In the Dropbox documentation we can see that the camera uploads feature is...
updated by: exoukltd Wednesday
2 13

Enlarge "Move file" window in web interface

Dropbox Staff Reply
The window that pops up when moving a file/folder in the dropbox web interface (...
updated by: Walter Tuesday
0 3

Search file comments

Dropbox Staff Reply
It would be really helpful to be able to search the comments made on the files.
updated by: Gomo a week ago
16 17

Please, add «make available offline» for folders too in Windows 10 App (Microsoft Store App)

Dropbox Staff Reply
Please, add «make available offline» for folders tooin Windows 10 App (Microsoft...
updated by: Jay a week ago
0 1

Can you create file requests from iOS or Android mobile app?

Dropbox Staff Reply
I'm looking for mobiles to be able to send a file request via the mobile app.I h...
updated by: Darrin R. a week ago
1 2

Pause Syncing when using Win 10 Battery Saver

In Windows 10 there is a Battery Saver option for laptops (similar to mobile pho...
updated by: Caffeinated 2 weeks ago
0 0

Can Activity be filtered to exclude rather than include?

Dropbox Staff Reply
Our Activity log is filled with constant "Desktop client IP changed" entries fro...
updated by: Jane 2 weeks ago
0 1
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