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Is DB planning to offer a lifetime plan similar to PCloud?

I have a ton of pics and videos uploaded to DB but I really hate paying $100/yea...
updated by: Dropboxer Jane 4 hours ago (03-25-2019 at 03:57 PM)
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Dropbox replied here

Feature Request: Ability to be a member & sync more than one Dropbox Business accounts.

I need multiple drop box teams for different customers. It is not practical for ...
updated by: Level 2 anihausdrew 10 hours ago (03-25-2019 at 09:51 AM)
1 19
Dropbox replied here Super User replied here

When right clicking on a folder give the option to unsync it

When right clicking on a folder give the option to unsync it
Please could you add 'Unsync folder' to the contextual menu when right clicking ...
updated by: Level 2 Jarrod M. 11 hours ago (03-25-2019 at 09:12 AM)
1 1

Choosing your own upload folder for camera uploads from phones

I see this issue from 2 years back - is it possible to choose the folder that yo...
updated by: Level 3 Martin W.37 12 hours ago (03-25-2019 at 08:15 AM)
5 9
Dropbox replied here

Need more plans smaller than 1 TB

Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$...
updated by: Level 2 justdanyul Saturday (03-23-2019 at 12:02 PM)
118 312
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Feature Request (*.org / *.bib and *.tex) to be added to the associated plain text file list.

Hi, Can you please add *.org / *.bib / *.tex  to the list of associated plain te...
updated by: Level 2 michelschinz Saturday (03-23-2019 at 05:19 AM)
3 6
Dropbox replied here

Can one set up a Dropbox sync schedule?

I would like to set up a scyn schedule so that my dropbox updates during the eve...
updated by: Level 2 WILLY7O2 Friday (03-22-2019 at 01:01 AM)
4 4
Super User replied here

Feature Request: Dark Mode while editing in Paper.

Feature Request: Dark Mode while editing in Paper.
Hi, it would be awesome having dark mode enabled while editing document. You alr...
updated by: Level 2 Mahykal Thursday (03-21-2019 at 09:37 PM)
9 6
Dropbox replied here

Stream to TV

How do I stream my home movies from Dropbox to my tv? Plex and kodi seem compli...
updated by: Level 2 Disama Thursday (03-21-2019 at 08:14 PM)
0 8
Super User replied here

Dropbox for Business making systems slow. Sync delay required!

We are a big company using Dropbox for Business. We cannot longer forgive how mu...
updated by: Level 2 BatSk8 Thursday (03-21-2019 at 12:50 PM)
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