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Are you interested in hearing how one of our Community members uses Dropbox for sailing trips? Read all about it here.

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Seamless end-to-end encryption, Microsoft Co-Authoring, new Dropbox Replay features and more

Seamless end-to-end encryption, Microsoft Co-Authoring, new Dropbox Replay features and more

Community Manager
You might have already spoken to some of the team at Dropbox who build Dropbox here on the Community forums, and we are so happy to be able to update you when they have some updates to share! 


The team have been busy and here are some updates on end-to-end encryption (which we know you’ve been looking forward to), Replay, integrations, Dash and more. Keep reading and don’t forget to let us know what you think! 


Advanced data protection features add extra layers of security to confidential content with seamless end-to-end encryption and advanced key management


If you’ve been using the Dropbox Community for any length of time, you might have seen requests for end-to-end encryption and we have excellent news! It is here! New advanced data protection features from Dropbox provide businesses with sole control over how their data is secured. End-to-end encryption and advanced key management make it easy to protect sensitive and confidential files in Dropbox team folders. This means that no one—including Dropbox—can gain access to their files.
  • Activating end-to-end encryption is as simple as creating a shared team folder and selecting the new encrypted folder option, requiring no technical expertise from the admin or account owner.
  • Files are encrypted when added to the folder and decrypted when a team member is added to the encrypted folder. Only users who have been invited to an encrypted folder can access the files stored within it. Team members quickly get access by invitation to the shared team folder, similar to sharing a regular Dropbox folder. Files are end-to-end encrypted on the team member’s device before they are securely synced with Dropbox servers. No one—including Dropbox—can decrypt the file or access your private key.
  • With advanced key management, teams can set up a unique encryption key as an added layer of security to ensure only members of their organization can access Dropbox files and protect against threats. Keys are automatically rotated every 12 months, and admins can rotate or revoke the key as needed.


End-to-end encryptionEnd-to-end encryption



Dropbox Trust Center also launched today to streamline and accelerate risk assessments of Dropbox products with self-serve, anytime access to our security, reliability, privacy, and compliance information. Prospective and existing customers can streamline internal reviews, audits and risk assessment processes to get value from Dropbox products faster.
We know you’ve been asking, so if you want to dive deeper into the security benefits of Dropbox, you can check out

Fast-track video, image, and audio reviews with new features in Dropbox Replay

You already know we are Replay’s biggest fans - and if you’re a fan too, join our Replay group! 
If you want to learn more about Replay, we’ve got you too - Replay enables teams to easily share and collaborate on projects from anywhere, including with real-time live reviews and transcriptions—all in one place. With today’s announcement, new functionality helps teams accelerate the feedback process and finish projects faster:
  • Dynamic watermarking: Keep proprietary content protected and prevent unauthorized use by placing watermarks on work shared with collaborators. Watermarks include recipient email, IP address, date, and time of when the file is opened.
  • Added rich media support: Use Replay to review and approve more types of rich media including PDF and PSD files.
  • Custom branding: Configure custom images, banners, logos, and colors within Replay project workspaces.
  • Avid integration: Integration with Avid Pro Tools enables teams to review and approve audio files directly within the Avid platform.
For more tips and advice, check out how Calvin uses Dropbox to get feedback here

Find and get to work on content with quick view, quick access, suggested actions, and more on the Dropbox web experience

We know, the surface you see when you use Dropbox is very important to you, and now you will see an update to the Dropbox web experience, some small but mighty changes that will improve your day-to-day processes, to help you quickly find what they need and get work done faster. Expect to see changes that include:
  • Dynamic filters that automatically organizes content, for example by project name or theme
  • Quick view to preview files in list layout and smart suggestions related to files being reviewed
  • Favorite files and folders added to an updated left navigation bar for easy access
  • Suggested quick actions for files—such as editing a PDF—that change based on how you work.
We know you’ll see these changes, and we want to hear from you about this too, so share your feedback in the comments.

Stay organized with new Dropbox integrations with Microsoft 365 and say goodbye to conflicting copies


Customers want tools that meet them where they’re working—and it should be seamless to bring the tools they use most into our products. That’s why we recently launched an improved integration with Microsoft Teams that lets you search, preview, upload, and share content stored in Dropbox without leaving Microsoft 365. With this update, you can also use our plugin extension for Copilot for Microsoft 365 to answer questions and generate summaries.


Today, we're building on this with even more Microsoft integrations designed to simplify work for teams.


  • Real-Time Co-Authoring (beta): One of Dropbox’s most-requested features ever, Co-Authoring allows multiple team members to collaboratively edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from desktop, web, and mobile, natively within Dropbox. You can also see who’s in the document and where they’re editing in real-time, so everyone is working off the latest version. Now teams can finally put an end to conflicting copies.
  • Dropbox Replay for OneDrive: Bring media files from OneDrive directly into Replay for reviews and approvals.
Dropbox Microsoft integrationDropbox Microsoft integration



Manage sensitive documents securely and get real-time deal insights with DocSend Advanced Data Rooms

DocSend Advanced Data Rooms streamline the entire deal process, from pitching to diligence to signing. Offering the perfect blend of ease, control, and security for deal professionals of all types. DocSend Advanced Data Rooms reduce time spent on administrative tasks and the complexity of your deals, allowing you to focus on closing deals faster.
  • Conduct due diligence with confidence and control: Features like group permissions, visitor verification, and built-in NDAs give you precise control over your most sensitive information.
  • Empower your team with real-time deal insights: Comprehensive data room analytics and page-by-page insights let your team make data-driven decisions.
  • Create and organize your Virtual Data Rooms in minutes: Quickly put your best foot forward with features like data room templates, auto-indexing, and custom branding.
With transparent pricing and unlimited data rooms, DocSend is the preferred choice for those seeking a trusted and secure software solution for their deal-making needs.

Find what you need instantly across your digital workspace with Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search

You’ve definitely heard us talking about Dropbox Dash already, but in case you’re new here, Dropbox is building for an AI-first future—not only with Dropbox files, but with everything that makes up the digital workspace.
Dropbox Dash (beta) is your AI-powered universal search tool, designed to simplify your workday and give you more time for the work that matters most. Dash instantly searches your connected apps, files and more to find anything across your entire digital workspace in seconds. Ask a question, and Dash can analyze your content to find the answer, summarize key findings from your docs, and much more. Now, Dropbox is improving search and adding new capabilities based on customer feedback:
  • Increased access to Dash: Dash is just a click away on desktop and web. And with an improved Desktop app, it’s easier for customers to find, organize, and share content.
  • Redesigned Start Page: The Start Page, a single dashboard that lets you access universal search, view Stacks—smart, shareable collections of content, and get shortcuts to recent work, offers a new experience that makes it simple to find content, fast. Dash now automatically groups different types of content into Stacks and displays them in a central hub.
  • New connectors: Dash now connects to more than 20 tools and apps customers use for work, including popular new additions like Microsoft OneNote and Zendesk.
Dropbox Dash is currently in beta and only available in the U.S. in English. Features will be available on a rolling basis. To learn more, visit
That was a lot of information in one update, so expect some more updates and tips from us, but if you have anything in particular you’d like to hear from us, tell us! 
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