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Are you interested in hearing how one of our Community members uses Dropbox for sailing trips? Read all about it here.

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What’s new: Dropbox Shop, editing PDFs, and Dropbox Backup

What’s new: Dropbox Shop, editing PDFs, and Dropbox Backup

Community Manager

This is a big month for product updates, so keep reading to get all the details about Dropbox Shop, Dropbox Backup and PDF editing. Trust us when we say there are some seriously useful updates here, whether it’s to do with day-to-day file management, security or an online shopfront - exciting times! 


Secure your digital life with Dropbox Backup—here’s what’s new:

Backing up your files, as you know, is super important and if you need a simple and secure backup solution to protect the most important parts of your digital life - Dropbox Backup is for you. Whether you have family photos, graduation videos, or tax forms on your computer—you can keep it all safe and quickly recover with Dropbox Backup. 
If you’re a member of the Dropbox Community, chances are you’ve heard of Computer Backup before, so what’s the new news? Based on feedback from customers and our Community members, the team have made improvements to Computer Backup - building on our popular backup functionality, we’re now introducing Dropbox Backup. Backup has been upgraded with new features our users have been asking for, including a new restoration flow, settings to manage your backups on your computer, and more.
  • Simplify your backup experience- Manage everything from your desktop—one place to check progress, view history, and prioritize specific files.
  • Be prepared with an automated safety net- Keep backed up files separate from your shared files, so you won’t have to worry about overwriting your emergency backups.
  • Rely on fast recovery if things go wrong- Start recovery with just a few clicks, and your files will be automatically restored from cloud backup.

Dropbox BackupDropbox Backup


Dropbox Shop is here, and ready for you to try:

You might have heard us mention Dropbox Shop before, but now you can join the Public Beta and check it out for yourself! (If you are outside of the U.S. or are part of a team and want to sign up, click here). Dropbox Shop is a new platform that allows creators (like you, maybe) to easily sell content—from e-books and recipes to prints and workout videos—directly to customers, so you can spend more doing what you love: creating. 
With Dropbox Shop you can:
  • Easily create product listings in three clicks: Add content directly from Dropbox or your computer, set a custom image, audio, or video preview, and determine your price, and now, tipping is also enabled
  • Customize your storefront: Set your seller profile up with a name, picture, and description that lets customers know exactly who you are and what you’re doing! And if you want to update it later, you can simply edit the items and your storefront too. 
  • Make the connection: Establish your brand and maintain your relationship with customers through a custom storefront, not a cluttered marketplace of sellers.
  • Add content directly from Dropbox: No need to upload your files all over again.
  • Sell any type of content: With the ability to upload multiple files, of any type, up to 50GB per file for Plus/Pro users and 2GB for Basic users
  • See what works (and what doesn’t): View key analytics to help learn what’s working and what can be better for your business.
  • Share directly with customers: There’s no middleman here. You control how you interact with customers - you can share a listing directly with them wherever you interact with them already, whether it’s on email, social media and even newsletters.
  • Enable secure payment processing: Don’t worry about managing payments, it’s covered  through our partnership with Stripe and Paypal and multiple payment options for customers.
  • Automatically deliver content upon payment: That allows you to save time facilitating sales, and keep on creating.
  • Simplify transactions for you and your customers: Buyers don’t need a Dropbox account to make a purchase, they can access their files via email verification and download it within 28 days. Those with a Dropbox account can access everything they’ve purchased when logged in. 
  • Work conveniently from your desktop, tablet, or mobile


Dropbox ShopDropbox Shop


Why not take the first brave step and put your work out there for sale? As we said, you can set up your first content listing in 3 easy clicks, so get started here.

Save time and edit PDFs in Dropbox

PDFs are incredibly handy files, but sometimes they need to be updated, and now, you can edit them without leaving Dropbox. Well, just exactly how much editing can you do?
Within Dropbox you can: 
  • Rearrange PDF pages
  • Insert, rotate, and delete PDF pages
  • Fill interactive forms
  • Manage multiple versions: save PDFs as a copy or replace original 
These features are available to a select few in Beta now, and will roll out to more people in coming weeks


Sounds like a time saver to us! Will you use this feature? 
Now you can keep your files safe with just a few clicks, sell your digital content, and edit PDFs in no time, which sounds good to us! But wait, there are even more updates you can check out here. Will you be using these new products and features
5 Replies 5

New member | Level 2

Thank you!

Helpful | Level 6

How can I remove the new PDF update and go back to the original one that worked for me? 

Helpful | Level 6

I want to remove myself from public beta.  These last updates to PDF editing don't allow me to do my work as usual.

Helpful | Level 6

Whatever the recent update was to PDF editor has messed up everything I use on Dropbox.


I used to be able to open files in Adobe but option isn't there anymore.

CAn't open Word or Xcel documents on my computer.  Makes me choose web version that doesn't work.

Saving documents don't show up in DB but show up in file manager

What is p.pdf version????

Nothing is working.  Will someone please call me ASAP [removed per the Dropbox Community Guidelines]

@Mark   @Rich 

Dropbox Staff

Hi @Kandg, can you try the following steps to remove yourself from the beta:


  • Access the account settings page
  • Under Preferences in the General tab, toggle off Early releases
  • Reinstall the Dropbox desktop application using this link

Let me know if you're still experiencing this issue.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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