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What’s new: Zoom automations to make your day easier | April 2020

Community Manager
Community Manager
We know you’re probably on more Zoom calls than ever before and we wanted to make it as seamless as possible. Now, you can automatically copy cloud recordings of the Zoom meetings you host, to Dropbox. That’s one less thing to think about while you’re working from home.


Finding your recordings again is easy, they will be saved to a new folder underneath your home Dropbox folder, named Zoom. Don’t have Zoom integrated yet? Not a problem, you can find out how to set it up here.
To turn the feature on
  • Sign in to
  • Click your profile picture (or face icon) in the upper-right corner.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click the Connected apps tab.
  • Next to Zoom, click Connect to Zoom and follow the prompts.
    • Note: If you’re part of a Dropbox Business team and you don’t see Zoom, your admin may have disabled Zoom for your team. You’ll need to get help from your team admin in order to connect to Zoom.
Don’t forget, you have to enable Zoom recordings within Zoom as well, or else there’s nothing to save.
We would love to hear if this feature will help your team, and if you have any other feature ideas, you can share them here.
Do you know how to organize your files and folders?
We have created a guide on folder best practice, so you can get organized now check it out here.

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