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Anca never needs to worry about losing files on a crashed computer again


Meet Anca, an online education designer who uses Dropbox so she never has to worry about losing files on a crashed computer again. This is Anca’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
My forever love relationship with Dropbox started during my second semester of my master’s degree. I was enrolled in an online course that was saturated in essays, reports, and all sorts of assignments that needed countless days of research and writing.
This major report was soon due, and I was juggling this assignment between a teething baby, 40 hours of work, family time, and some sort of social life that was very short, let me tell you.
The due date was so close, and I was feeling the need to ask for an extension. We were allowed two breaks during the course and I had never asked for one. I finally gave in, knowing that I was not able to finish in time and the professor was gracious enough to give me not 24 hours, as I had asked for, but a 48-hour extension.
Ecstatic about my extra time, I started plugging along and my 20-page paper was finally coming to its final edits. There was very little to do, and my baby needed me. By the time I came back, my computer screen was blue. I never thought this could happen to me. I saw a lovely blue screen and the news that came later was also very blue. All that work, saved only in one place, on my crashed computer! 
How I use Dropbox
My lovely husband came up with a solution, to avoid ever losing a document again. He suggested I save everything on Dropbox. He told me I could work on essays from home or from work and it would all be saved in one place, with no chance of ever losing an essay due to a computer crash.
My documents are now safely synced across all my devices. I do not have to track down my last draft. I know exactly where to find it.
Tips for the community
  • Plan out your folder structure. 
  • Create a consistent file naming pattern. 


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Missing files and folders

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