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Link my entire Team's Calendar(s) to the doc or homepage

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I love how I can see my Google Calendar at the top of our Paper docs. We have 1 Paper for each Project with a Team of about 6 on each Paper "Project Plan" template. Would be awesome if we can all see each other's Calendar's just like we see our own. *** Would much rather have my Calendar (and my Team's Calndar) on top of the Home Page rather than individual Paper docs.


Hello @Crisqob

Thanks for this feature request. 

It sounds like this could be helpful for teams working together. However, seeing everyones calendar could create privacy concerns.  

If you want to add more details as to how this could work and what further actions you would like to have the ability to take with Paper and your (or your teams) calendar, we would greatly appreciate it. 

It helps our developers understand how they can make things easier for you and maybe design what you imagined in the future. slightly smiling face



Crisqob New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


Thanks for your response. As far as Privacy goes...... in Google Calendar you have the ability to assign events through any of your "gmail" accounts. My team has a gmail account just for work, and they also have their own personal gmail accounts.

Fortunately - Dropbox only migrates my calendar events linked to my Dropbox email/user account.

My personal gmail account (and it's related events) are never shared on my Dropbox calendar.


We are officially integrated with Gmail, but currently the actions you can take are limited to importing files from Dropbox to Gmail and the other way around. I will add the Gmail options as a suggestion for this feature request for calendars. 

Thanks for the additional info! pushpin Cheers!