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Dropbox Feedback

Dropbox Feedback

Joseph H.23
New member | Level 2

Hello, some new features that seem to really irk me me when I'm trying to use my account.


I just want a basic interface (nothing special) where I can see/share/interact with the files I place here. Your product is becoming a nuisance to use with all of the extra features. Make them optional, not required.

The reason I went with DB is because your competitors were doing this to their free products and really didnt care if their customers paid or not, or even liked it for that matter.


These things are getting dastardly annoying. I know some users really want this feature, but please give me an option to disable globally.

Stop all shares/sharing:

This option would globally strip out any shares established. Think of it like a panic button. This would allow people to stop a share if they cannot find it and the content could potentially be sensitive.


Just give me a list of files. Please stop trying to group photos automatically. It is sorting my photos based on the name and not the actual content.

Know what? Just give me an option to disable it. Thanks.


Please dont click-bait someone and then not give them a way to revert. I'm looking at you Dropbox Paper!

I "click here for info" and found my self permanently signed up for something I have no need or use for with no way to get out of. While I give you a good pat on the back for sticking it to MS and G for making things a bit more competitive on the market, I cannot condone this tactic.

Blocking of sharing:

Why would you want to do this? There are unscrupulous people out there.

Scenario: I've been randomly shared a file that was an executable and it just showed up in my file list. My curiosity lands me a crypto-locker virus.

Catch my point? Its probably a really good idea to not let it just happen. I've shared content with another DB user and it just magically showed up in their file list.

Thank you for your time.

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New member | Level 2

Hi! I totally agree with your comments!


I remmeber about 10 years ago Dropbox been an extremely clever, simple and useful option to not carry an USB drive around!


I would really like to have a version of Dropbox doing just that: a place where to drop things inside, plus a right click. option to generate a read only link and copy to the clipboard. Simple&effective. On the server side, I would like to have the rest of the options. 1 File version history, etc)


All the collaraboration options, I dont find them too useful, knowing Google has a well developed Office system based on the idea of onlne collaboration.


Comment feed, auto organization of pictures, etc. I don't think they are escencial, please let the user have to option to find those feature if they are curious to know about them, instead of provide them as a default choice. 


One more thing, the new big screen that appears on the desktop when you open Dropbox is so annoying!!!!


I again think that I would like to have to top icon indicator.. and a local right click option to get the file or folder link.. not more.. at least as default.


It is giving so many visual pollution that I'm avoiding using DB since several months now. 


Please simplify.


yohaan renooj
New member | Level 2

this is the worst online drive i have ever used and half of my laptop got deleted because of this

Sonia Waiczies
New member | Level 2

I completely agree. Why do new software engineers manage to ruine a good working system by thinking that they can make it better. Stick to simple. What do I need from dropbox. That I can quickly access the files that I have created or changes at different locations and PCs and that I can easily see how much space I have left, and on the website how I can easily retrieve a file if I mess up, other than that dropbox is a storage space that I can quickly retrieve my information from. Please keep it simple


New member | Level 2

Good integration with Windows system.

New member | Level 2

Agree with OP - complexity - don't want bells and whistles, just want a file sharing app. 


Definitely don't want reminder emails to use it. Stop annoying me. I might be able to turn it off somewhere, but why should I have to?


And badges at all - let alone for log-in on to these forums - what is this, kindegarten? Edit - got another one for this post - how immature can you get? - cringe

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