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Introducing:: Improved File requests


Introducing:: Improved File requests


Dropbox - File requestDropbox - File request

File requests help Dropbox users collect files from a large number of people. A file request is a public link to a folder that can accept files from anyone – whether they’re a Dropbox user or not. Imagine common use cases such as:
  • A freelance web designer collecting assets for a new website from her client
  • A teacher collecting assignments from students
  • Magazine editors collecting submissions from their freelance writers
New improvements
This update includes key changes to the submitter experience, including:
    • A much-improved submission failure experience where individual files fail softly and can easily be retried
    • Description fields so submitters have more confidence in where they’re adding files
    • Supports dragging files from your computer into the uploader interface
    • Visual refresh  making the uploader interface faster and easier to use
    • The ability to upload folders and not just files
All Dropbox users
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More ideas
If you have more ideas on how we can improve our product then check out our new "Share an idea" space here, or our Dropbox Business ideas board here. Request improvements, suggest ideas, we’ll review them and try and improve our product.

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