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Welcome to business admin lounge tips and tricks!

Community Manager
Community Manager
We understand that as the business admin, you need to know how best to manage your team and how they use Dropbox, so we will post resources, tips and tricks here to make your life even easier. We won’t tell if you don’t.
Whether it’s getting your team all set up, making the most of Dropbox features, working from home hacks or new features, we’ll make sure you’re in the loop. 
To get started, here are the very first things you should probably do, as the admin for your company’s account:

1. Set up a space for you and for your team




Making sure everyone can navigate their files and folders is key, so it’s good to get everything in order ASAP. Here are some best practices and a few examples, so you can create a single, clear place for your team’s files. 


2. Add everyone on your team

No matter how many people are on your team, you need to make sure they are all aware of your new system and they all understand how to use Dropbox. Don’t worry, here are some email templates you can send out to get your team all set up. Once they are all up to date, you can add everyone through the admin console, using their work email addresses. 


3. Keep connected, with the desktop app. 

Once you download the Dropbox desktop app, a Dropbox icon will appear in your system tray/menu bar, and a Dropbox folder will be set up on your computer. Any changes you make to the Dropbox desktop app are automatically synced to your account on, when you’re connected to the internet of course. That means getting to your files, and making sure they’re updated for your team couldn’t be easier.
We’ll keep adding new tips and tricks so watch this space, but we’d love to know what you want to learn - what do you want to know about teamwork on Dropbox? 
Do you know how to organize your files and folders?
<b>We have created a guide on folder best practice, so you can get organized now <a href=""><u>check it out here</u></a>.</b>

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